Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Biking with Morgan

Our sweet Morgan has gone above and beyond her duty as a cousin!  She has been so sweet and fun to her 3 little cousins.  She has taken each of them on a date.  All the dates consisted of a bike ride, and then have varied from there.  She took Madison to get her fingernails painted and then to Peter’s to split a ice cream flurry.  She took Hailey to the grocery store and the stationary store.  Since Sydney is just 2 1/2 her date was just a bike ride.  Check out the video of Sydney riding on the back of Morgan’s bike.  Cute!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Cousin Mo!

Our sweet 17 year old niece, Morgan, has been here with us for the past 3 weeks.  It has been so fun to have her here!  All 5 of us would agree…plus all the neighborhood kids and adults.  She has been busy having a Chinese language tutor 2 hours/day plus teaching swimming lessons while she is here.  Not to mention all the other things she’s been going…going skydiving in a wind tunnel; shopping; going to museums; studying; riding bikes, scooters, taxis,  and rickshaws all over town;  seeing movies;  babysitting;  taking her bike to get it fixed;  and pulling out Hailey’s first tooth.  She is quickly become my girl’s favorite cousin (other cousins, you better get over here fast!  Don’t let Morgan get the #1 position!)  We love you dear Mo!




Monday, June 21, 2010

Logged in!

We are completely blown away right now!  Our dossier (adoption paperwork) didn’t arrive in Beijing at the CCAA( (China Center of Adoption Affairs) until Friday, June 19th!  Usually dossiers sit on someone’s desk for at least a week or 10 days before someone logs them in.  Well, they logged ours in on Monday, June 21st….yes, the very next work day!  We are so glad that everything has arrived in it’s final destination.  This means that we are now eligible to be matched with our daughter.  Hopefully, we will know who she is soon!  We are praying for you, sweet girl!