Thursday, March 01, 2012

Madison has some cool dance moves

In case you have never seen a Todd girl dance this is how they dance. This was after getting a new computer with fun video program that they liked to be willing in from of.

My Family by Hailey Todd

My Family
By Hailey, age 7

I have 3 sisters and a mom and a dad. One of my sisters is named Madison and the other two are named Sydney and Lily.

I live on a Dong Lu in East Asia. Mary Ragan and Lillian live next to me. And the Sims live above me. I live on the 5th floor and there are 501 and 502. I live in 501.

I like to go to Happy Valley with my family. It is a park. At Happy Valley, we like to play games and go on the roller coaster.

My favorite restaurant is Peter’s. It is a Mexican restaurant. I like to ride my scooter to Peter’s. When I go to Peter’s, I like to eat pizza and biscuits. I know the owner. His name is Peter and we call him “Peter Shu Shu”.