Friday, July 25, 2008

Great trip home

We had a great trip back from Thailand. We sat in the airport with about 50 friends and the girls just ran around having fun. It was nice leaving at 2pm since it gave us the morning to pack up and say bye to friends. The planes worked out well. We were a little late leaving Thailand but we had a three hour layover in Kunming so it worked out well. We only had to wait for an hour in Kunming. Wai Wong, a friend, came and picked us up in our van from the airport and then help us carry our 220lbs of luggage up the 4 flights of stairs. The girls played with their toys and we ate Peter's Tex mex at 10:30 at night as a family. Sonya and I stayed up until 2am playing on the computer and getting things organized after a month away. This morning it was great to drink coffee from my coffee pot and also to take a nice shower.



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