Friday, May 07, 2010

Orphanage Visit

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to visit a local orphanage with some other moms from Madison’s school.  Of the 9 of us that went, one has 2 adopted daughters from China, and 4 of us are in the process of adopting from China and Ethiopia.  Even though we live here, it is usually fairly difficult to get to visit the orphanages.  Thankfully the school has had an ongoing relationship with this orphanage.  Several families at the school have actually fostered (and later adopted) children who weren’t thriving there.  It was a small orphanage and so we just went in and played/held the kids for an hour or so.  Most of the children there were over 3 and had a variety of special needs.  I really pray that they will be adopted into loving families.  

My friend Cary & I held these little boys the whole time we were there.  It was cool to sing “Jesus Loves Me” to these little ones and pray over them while we were holding them. 


It was a pretty emotional day to know the grief their biological parents must feel in having to bring them to the orphanage.  I’m sure each of them thought they couldn’t give their child the proper care they needed.  In China, it would have been much easier (and culturally acceptable) for them to have aborted them.  I’m very thankful that their biological parents chose life for these precious ones. 

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