Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Blind Date

A few weeks ago we had the privileged of meeting 2 people who we have known and been working closely with for the past 10 months…the President and China Director of our adoption agency. They were in China meeting with their staff and holding some seminars in various cities about adoption for expats.  We have been so satisfied with our experience with them that we invited them to come to our city to do one of their seminars.


On my way to pick them up for dinner, it hit me that i felt like i was going on a blind date.  Travis was coming directly from work so it was just me going to pick them up.  The thing much different about this “blind date” was that they already knew everything about us…and i do mean everything!

We had a fantastic time with Jim and Josh Savley at dinner and then at the adoption seminar.  It was great to have so many other expat families attend and be very interested in growing their families by adoption. 


The following night our whole family went with them to dinner again.  The girls had fun meeting them and knowing that they are the people who introduced us to Lily. 

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