Thursday, November 11, 2010

It’s Official…we are on our way!

Just wanted to share that we received our Travel Approval yesterday.  Within a couple hours of that we had booked our flights and hotel room…and we are getting ready!  Travis and I will leave here at noon on Sunday and fly to Guangzhou.  Sunday night we plan to have a nice quiet dinner and good night’s sleep before we get Lily on Monday.  (I can’t believe I’m about to have my 4th daughter!!)  We will be in Guangzhou through Thursday, and then will head home that afternoon.  We would love your prayers for our time there and also for the M, H and S who will be at home while we are away.  Travis’ mom is here from the States and will be keeping them those several days. We are so thankful for her and all our dear friends here who will be helping her. 

So, let the countdown begin…3 1/2 days til Lily is in our arms forever!!


Lily said...

Hey Travis and Sonya! Joe and I follow yall's blog from time to time and we wanted you to know how thrilled we are for you that you're finally going to bring little Lily home!!! She is so so blessed to have parents like you two. May she grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with both God and man under your love and faithful parenting.
We love you 6!!!! :)

Marianne B Dean said...

Thrilled! How cool that you guys and the Bakers are getting your little girls the same weekend! Can't wait to see you guys and meet this new sweetie in Jan!

Our Family said...

So excited that our due dates are coming!! It has been so awesome to walk this journey with you- I am so happy its ending together with our girls in our arms. Can't wait to see the pictures!! (PS wow commenting is fun!)

Our Family said...

Ok I said posting was fun- but can't figure out how it won't say Our family. Ok that was from me- Lisa