Monday, November 08, 2010

It’s on its way…our TA that is!!!!

I’m freakin’ out!!  We found out tonight that our Travel Approval was mailed to us this afternoon!  The awesome thing is that it was mailed to our house here in China.  (Usually the CCAA mails it to our agency in the states and then the agency has to mail it back across the pond to us…which equals about 7-10 days of wasted time in the mail)  But the sweet compassionate CCAA agreed to mail ours directly to us!! 

So….the bottom line is we hope to have precious Lily in our arms this time next week!!!!!  I finally think I know when my due date it…Monday, November 15th!

The timing of Lily’s arrive couldn’t be more perfect…Gar Gar (Travis’ mom) arrived here last night and will be here to stay with the big girls while we go get the little sis. 

Well, I gotta go get packing…or something!


laura said...

Oh SONYA!!! yay!! we are thrilled for you and especially for Lily.

You definitely should start packing - how else are you going to use all your nervous energy?

love and prayers

JJ said...

AWEsome!!! Can't wait to hear more :)

Monica said...

How exciting! Praying that your time picking her up would be truly special and that she would attach to yall quickly. Wow! Yay!

The Huffmans said...

so thrilled for you guys! lots of love and prayers! so thankful you'll be holding your little girl soon!