Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Morning til Nap time

Today has been a fun day. She slept great between us in the bed (couldn’t get her in the crib without her waking up) she slept til 7:30am so there is hope that she will be a sleepy Todd girl like the rest. The Orphanage said 6am and that is too early for us. Only God is really up at that time.


It looks like Sydney will have a fellow finger sucker in the house for them to compare techniques. She sucks her thumb.


Lily and Sonya playing at the Civil Affairs office today.


Us in front of the sign at the Notary’s office thought the flag and Chinese was fun.


Us in front of the Civil Affairs sign in Guangzhou


Lisa Baker said...

Hey Sonya! WOW love seeing you guys finally together- an end to a long journey together to our girls. SOOO glad to hear she is doing so well- she is gonna love all those sisters to play with! You guys look great together.

JJ said...

This is so exciting. I wish I was there to meet her! Can't wait to see her with the other 3 girls :) Hope the next weeks go so great. Love ya'll!

trecia said...

I love all those pics, the one of her sleeping is precious!! Love seeing you all too! You and lily are all I have been thinking about!