Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Sisters’ Room

Well, we will be leaving our house in less than 24 hours.  It’s hard to believe it is finally here!  11 months ago we officially started the adoption process, and it’s coming to an end.  We are so thankful God has led us on the journey.  We are beyond thrilled to meet Lily!

I really wanted to show you Lily and Sydney’s new little room before we leave.  This used to be our guest room with blue walls and white bedding.  Now it is the most precious little room I’ve ever seen.  The girls loved being apart of transforming it into a room for the 2 little sisters. 

Here we go…

After taking all the furniture out and painting the room lavender, Travis, Madison and Hailey put the bed back together and cleaned it up. 



We got a new ceiling fan, curtain rod, and curtains…


Once the new bedding was on the bed and baths were had, we had to do a little playing on Sydney and Lily’s new bed…


There’s plenty of room in this bed for Lily.  The 3 girls all slept in there together that night.


After the final touches here is the new room.  The dresser, lamp and picture frame were all painted white to match.


Lily and Sydney’s monogram was places above the bed.  I repainted Sydney’s letters to match the new room, and made Lily’s name in cursive. 


And changed the fabric on the window seat cushion. 


We are thrilled with the way their room turned out.  Lily will be in our room for awhile to help her bond to us, and Sydney will stay in the room with her big sisters for while.  We aren’t sure exactly when they will move in this girly fairy room, but I’ll be sure to show you pictures of their first night in here. 


The Burgess Family said...

The room is precious. So excited for you guys. I can't wait to watch your journey unfold as you bring home Lily! Your family is an encouragment to so many.

The Burgess Family said...

Sarah Cate from 2001-2002 stint year wrote that. I'm now Sarah Burgess. Meant to put my name by my post since you probably don't recognize "Burgess Family"

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm nice , already on the bed I want to start with the little one