Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tomorrow's Trip to Orphanage

We wanted to ask you all to pray for our day tomorrow. We will be leaving the hotel early in the morning and traveling 1 1/2 hours to Lily's orphanage. We pray that while there we will be able to find out as much as possible about the first 22 months of Lily's life. Please pray for Lily...that this visit will help give closure to her time there. That she would grasp and understand that the orphanage is no longer her home, and help her move forward in her bonding with us. Please pray that we would be able to get all our questions answered, especially the ones about her surgery.

After we leave the orphanage we will travel 2 1/2 hrs by car to the airport and then take a 2 hour flight home. We are so excited to see the other girls and be a family of 6 (!!) for the first time. It will be interesting to see how Lily does with the chaos we call home!! Thanks for your love and prayers for us!


Courtney Barrett said...

Please know that the Barrett's are praying for each of you and will continue! Both of you are absolutely amazing!!!

laura said...

praying! what an incredibly important day.... you guys seem to be handling this so well. Praying God's peace is on you and especially on Lily.

can't wait to see the pics of you six together

Kayla Rupp said...

We are praying. I am checking your blog like 3 times a day now. I will have SO many questions for you down the road! The video of your meeting Lily, by the way, sent me all to pieces. I was a mess.