Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gotcha Day with some dear friends




As you probably know, living and raising a family in a country other than your home country is very different.  One thing that is extremely different is that you often don’t have your family around on some important milestone or holidays.  So what happens is that your friends really step up and are your extended family.  The neighborhood kids really treat each other more like cousins than just friends….and our kids think of the neighborhood adults more like aunts and uncles. 

During the process of adopting Lily and our first year with her home, we had a lot of dear friends who were really “all in” the process with us. They prayed with us, encouraged us, laughed with us, cried with us, often asked how it was going and helped us a ton during these past 2 years.





These are some of the same people who we worship with in our homes on Sundays.  So, we thought it very fitting to celebrate with them Lily’s 1st year at home.  A celebration of Lily but also a way to thank them for being the Body of Christ to us and for loving Lily and our family well. 



You may wonder where Lily is during this celebration.  Well, she feel asleep in Travis’ lap during the sermon and spent the entire celebration asleep on the floor.   


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