Friday, July 25, 2008

Cheap way to make calls

I found a cool service recently for calling around the world. The cost is a little over 2 cents a minute with the service then I have to call Beijing or SH which is long distance for me but only costs 4 cents a minute using 17951 in front of the number. Also it gives me a number in other countries. So right now I have a special number to call my mom and my sisters. I also have a special number for them to call me on. it rings directly to my cellphone so it is easy. I also have it setup with my friend Erik in Singapore, so he has a Singaporean number to call locally and it rings me in china. I have a china number I call and it rings him in Singapore. Pretty cool. I called my mom and she said it was clearer than Skype (costs a little more) if you want to sign up you can click this link and it gives me some credit. There is also a way to make it so that it is free but it sounded too complicated for me to try unless you had a really really long phone conversation going on.



Anonymous said...

We all just looked on your page,you all are so cute and we miss you much!
Aunt dee, Morgan, Trecia &Jay

Experimentator said...
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