Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Third Child

Since Sydney was born I've tried to be very intentional about taking her picture, writing in her baby book, etc. I always think it is really funny that the 1st child has so many pictures and with each child the photos decrease exponentially. Well, I must admit we have about half as many pictures of Sydney as we do Madison, but I thought I'd share a few with you. She is 11 months old today…I can hardly believe it! She started out as a pretty high maintenance baby (and stayed that way for months), but over the past 4-6 weeks she has turned a big corner…she is so fun! She laughs all the time, and gets so excited if she hasn't seen us for awhile (like after a nap or when Travis gets home from work). So here are a few pictures of her.

We may be lacking in Sydney pictures…but, trust me, she is not lacking in love or attention from her big sissies!

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Ashlei said...

I can't believe how big Sydney is. I'm dying to see her. And Hailey is so tall. It was great to talk today. I hope I can call you again soon.