Sunday, May 02, 2010


We have the cutest little couple who live in our complex.  They walk around every afternoon and have started looping down in our circle (to see the foreign kids, I think ).  I think they are so precious.  The man is 98 years old and his wife is 90!  I can’t imagine all the things they have seen in their life time.  I think they look great for their age, which is usually the opposite of what I think of the locals here.  Because of their hard pasts, usually I feel like people usually look much older than they are, but not this little couple.  I have a difficult time understanding them when they talk since they speak the local dialect and in very soft voices.  I hope to find out more of their story in the future, because I know they must have some amazing stories. 

Here Madison is with them.  Notice how little clothes Madison is wearing compared with their clothes.  Typically Chinese are “scared of the cold” where I think Americans are more afraid of the hot.


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JJ said...

I finally got you on my blogroll now that you are updating often ! :)
I would love to make it to CD again soon, our last 2 months are filling up quickly but I'll let you know if we can. We would LOVE to see ya'll again!! So sad to leave :( Are ya'll going to America soon?