Monday, May 03, 2010

The Urban Life

When you live in a huge city there are some things that you do in your house that you just wouldn’t do if you lived in the suburbs.  A few examples are that you pot plants in your house, you BBQ on your balcony (instead of your backyard), and your kids ride riding toys in your small apartment.

The newest addition to that list is that when you live in an urban area with no outside/backyard space, you can have a swing in your bedroom.  I think you also have to have a pretty cool dad who will, not only allow it, but will spend several hours getting it drilled into the concrete ceiling. 


Here are some picture of the girls swinging on their new swing. 


Hailey was especially excited about that swing, since she LOVES to swing and there are very few swings in our city.


Sydney getting in on the fun!




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