Tuesday, October 19, 2010

9 months pregnant with no due date

That is what I feel like these days. I feel like I’m hugely pregnant but have no idea when we may meet our new little baby.

We have one more grueling step before we can go pick up Lily.  We are waiting for our last documents from the US government to be delivered to the CCAA in Beijing so they can issue our Travel Approval.  Once we have the TA was can go pick up Lily!!!!  A week or so ago there were some reports of other adoptive families getting their TA’s in 4 days!  This process usually takes 2-3 weeks, so I started freaking out about not having things done.   So, last week I started thinking we may get Lily on November 1st or the 8th…now I’m thinking it may be more like the 15th.  Either way, I’m dying!  

In the meantime, we have converted our guest room into Sydney and Lily’s new room.  It is super cute (I’ll post pictures soon) and our family had a great time working on it.  It is just sitting empty waiting on those cute little sisters to occupy it.  (It will actually be awhile before they move into it, since Lily will sleep in our room for awhile to help her attach to us.)

I’ve also been trying to decide what size clothes Lily will wear and then get out what i think will fit her.  Based on the measurements we have been given (which may or not be accurate), I think she may be wearing 18 months clothes.  After checking with others who have adopted children from China, I think that may be a pretty generous guess…I think she may actually be wearing 12 month clothes.  Who knows?!

These are just a sampling of the questions that fill my mind and heart every moment of the day.  Praying she comes quick…I don’t think I can wait much longer! 


By God's Design said...

So glad you are so close!!!

I'd put money on her wearing 12-month clothes, but take some of both with you to Guangzhou!

Can't wait to follow your blog as you go get her.

laura said...

oh my, this is EXACTLY how I feel. and right now I am not liking it so much.... we are back to even wondering where the baby God has for us IS, and it's so hard Sonya.

I can't wait to follow along as you go get Lily. So wish we could be there for your shower!