Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A lovingly prepared gift

Today in a city in Southern China our little Lily will be getting her first gift. We put together a care package to send to her at her orphanage where she waits for us.

Here is what she will see when she gets the gift


A soft pink teddy bear, a picture book we made with pictures of her and us in it, 2 disposable camera, our official letter saying she is ours, and a handwritten letter from us.

When Lily is shown the book, this will be first time she has seen our faces or probably even heard that she will be adopted. Our hope is seeing our pictures will help prepare her for us. We hope that her adjustment to us will be as smooth as possible, but it will be traumatic for her…to be placed in the arms of someone you don’t know is horrifying enough, but also people who look nothing like you. We pray that her caretakers will read it or at least show it to her.

Our hope for the disposable camera is that her caretakers will use them to snap as many pictures as possible of her. Of course, we want these pictures, but we also want them for Lily. All kids love to look at pictures of themselves from when they were younger, and adopted children are no different…she will want to know her story and see where she used to live and who she used to play with.

Below are all the things Lily will not see when she opens her gift:


Sydney loving the stew out of the little bear for Lily. It was her way of sending hugs to Lily


Madison & Hailey looking through the picture book before we mailed it.


Hailey also sending hugs to her lil sis.


Sweet Madison showing off “her page”. Her page says in Chinese, “I’m your oldest sister. My name is Madison. I’m 7 1/2 years old. I love you so much and can’t wait for you to come home.


Our dear friend, Xiao Gan, got in on the action, too. She helped me write the letter to the orphanage thanking them for taking such good care of Lily and all the other orphans in their care. We told them that we couldn’t imagine how difficult their job is and we pray that God will bless them richly for all of the love they have show His little ones.

It was really fun to put Lily’s package together. Hopefully she will receive it today or tomorrow. We look forward to years and years of getting to lavish wonderful gifts on her.


Sheri said...

This made me cry! So very sweet. I love the pictures of your girls loving on that bear. Their little sister better be getting herself ready for lots of hugs and kisses when she gets home!

trecia said...

That is so sweet! It is so cute to see you preparing your girls for this. What a blessed little girl Lily already is! Love you all!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Your family is just beautiful and what lovely gifts for your beautiful Lily. I pray she is safely home very soon.
God's Speed,
(Thank you again for helping us bring our Isabella Faith home with ordering bracelets.)